Travel is a teacher!

Travel is a teacher!

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Travel is a teacher. Yes, I’m using personification here.
Normally, teachers gain empirical advantages which depends on the number of years they have taught in their lifetime. But this teacher thought of doing something different, something out of the box. It gains its experience out of us. Out of the travellers.

Let me put it into a simple frame of words.
The more you travel, the more effective is its teaching. The more knowledge it would be able to pour into your brain.

An example to support it?
I go to Kheerganga for a hike, I see a lot of littering around, my teacher stays silent and so do I. It’s okay I tell myself. We, Indians are used to it.
Next, I go to a couple of more trips, I see people not giving a shit about nature, they just want to make their journeys good and memorable. My teacher comes upto me for the first time and tells me something is not right.
Immediately I start giving no more responsibilities to people who do that. I take all on me and do what it requires.
That’s where I know, “My teacher is learning. And the more my teacher learns, better the student I will be.”